A Back to School Poem for Mommas of Older Kids

September 12, 2017 | Rick Hall


Last week on the Star 99.1 morning show, we shared a heartfelt back-to-school poem called I Trust You'll Treat Her Well.  And although I think it's applicable to parents of children of any age, it's easy to see how the poem lines up a bit more with the moms and dads of younger children.

But what about you, mother-of-a-high-schooler, mom?  Or how about you, dad-of-a-middle-schooler, dad?  Christine Burke is a frequent contributor to the Scary Mommy blog and wrote an incredibly heartfelt piece entitled "Sending Your Kid To High School Might Be Harder Than Their First Day Of Kindergarten."

In this moving entry, Christine writes:

Kindergarten is class parties, Halloween parades, and afternoons at the park... High school is first dates, keys to the car, and midnight curfews.

Kindergarten is "I'm gonna marry you, Mommy!... High school is "So, I met this girl, Ma..."

Kindergarten is your little boy... High school is the little boy you can still see when the light hits his face just right... Only now, he's grown.

To check out the entire poem, click the link below from the blogger, Keeper of the Fruit Loops.

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