Community of Strangers Replace New Bride’s Wedding Ring

September 13, 2017 | Mysti Jordan

Heard On-Air

Allison Anderson recently ran into a woman in her neighborhood who was sobbing. Her name was Cathleen, she had just gotten married days before and was honeymooning with her husband in the area. She’d lost her engagement and wedding rings, and she was desperately trying to retrace her steps to find them. Unfortunately, even with the additional help of Allison and some others, the rings just couldn’t be found.

Allison and a neighbor of hers, Bruce, felt so bad for Cathleen that they started checking around the neighborhood to see if anybody would be interested in donating to help replace the rings. It wasn’t long before they had the money to make it happen. A company even stepped in and offered a ring at wholesale price.

Allison and Bruce and some of the others who had pitched in went to the hotel where Cathleen and her husband were staying and presented the ring to them. They were totally overwhelmed by the kindness of the community and Cathleen broke down and hugged everyone that was there and thanked them profusely. What an unforgettable honeymoon!

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