Company Does Something Special for Illiterate Staff

January 12, 2018 | Mysti Jordan

Heard On-Air

There was a Brazilian business that was having some issues with the janitorial staff, and they came up with a pretty easy solution: the manager, Nataly Bonato, asked the staff to fill out a daily report that stated the name of the janitor, which room they cleaned, and how much time was spent in each room. It took an entire week to get the first report back, and it was completely inaccurate and difficult to read.

Natalie gathered all of the janitorial staff together to see what the problem had been, and that’s when she learned that more than half of the company’s cleaning team couldn’t read. A lot of companies would have terminated the staff and hired someone they thought better suited to the job. Nataly saw an opportunity to help, though. A school used part of the company’s workspace, and she challenged them to help the janitorial staff learn to read. Every Tuesday and Thursday, the team would take longer lunch breaks so that they could take literacy lessons, and within five months, they were able to read and write.

Nataly was so proud of them and organized a graduation party, with robes, hats and tassels to celebrate what they had accomplished.

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