Home Nurse Shocked When She Opens Client’s Fridge

January 12, 2018 | Mysti Jordan

Heard On-Air

Amanda Perez works as a home nurse, and she’s really struggled with wanting more all of her life - a new house, a better car, more clothes and shoes, a better phone, etc. She was at the home of one of her patients recently, though, when she realized just how fortunate she actually is. The man asked Amanda if she could clean his refrigerator out, and when she opened it, she was shocked to see that there was virtually nothing in it. She asked him where all the food was, and he just kind of hung his head and admitted that he bought groceries whenever he had the money to, and he didn’t have it right now.

Amanda said, “All of a sudden, I realized how my needs are wants and his wants are needs.” Amanda doesn’t make much money herself, but she felt compelled to do something. So, she drove to the store and bought a grocery cart full of food that she could stock his fridge with.

Amanda posted about it on Facebook, not to call attention to what she did, but to remind people to stop focusing on what they don’t have and start appreciating what they do have. 

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