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Josh Havens of The Afters Sings “Well Done” at Bedside of Woman Dying of Cancer

May 30, 2019 | Rick Hall


"I had a little experience of heaven colliding with earth earlier this week. A few days ago, someone reached out to me on social media and told me about a woman named LeeAnn in my neighborhood who is nearing the end after a long battle with cancer. They shared how her Bible study group had gathered with her to choose songs for her celebration of life.

Her husband had run to the store, and on his way back he heard 'Well Done' on the radio. He pulled over and wrote the song name on his hand, and when he got home shared that he had found the perfect song to honor her with. One of the ladies in the Bible study knew that I had written the song and that I lived in the neighborhood. Her husband reached out and asked if I would come and sing the song for her before she went to be with Jesus.

I told them it would be an honor, and so I brought my guitar over and sang 'Well Done' at LeeAnn's bedside while her husband embraced her. She was so full of peace and love. You could feel the presence of the Lord in her and in her home. It felt like heaven was colliding with earth. I’m grateful to be present for holy moments like that. It’s the reason we do what we do!" -Josh Havens (The Afters)

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