Syrian Refugee Gifted with Lifetime Gym Membership

January 11, 2018 | Mysti Jordan

Heard On-Air

Muhammet Halit is twelve years old, and even though he’s so young, he’s had a really tough time of it already. Four years ago, he had to flee the Syrian war with his father, and the two of them have been barely scraping by in Turkey, where they now live. His dad collects recyclable waste to sell and Muhammet works as a shoe shiner.

Earlier this week, a really sad photo of the boy went viral. He was standing outside a Turkish gym, staring longingly at all of the people working out. Even though it’s cold outside, Muhammet is just in sandals, and he’s got all of his shoe shine supplies with him. When the owner of the gym saw the picture, he was really moved, and he tracked Muhammet down and offered him a lifetime membership for free.

The boy was ecstatic. He said he’d always dreamed of losing weight, and now he feels like he can do that by working out.

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