VIDEO: Blind Bison Bonds with Calf

June 16, 2017 | Mysti Jordan

Heard On-Air

Helen is a blind bison, and for years, she has lived alone at a place called the Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary. She didn't really take to the other animals and was pretty skittish around them, in fact, so she just spent her time in this big, 6-acre pasture by herself.

Then, along came Oliver. He's a little calf that was born to a cow at the Sanctuary, and he decided that Helen was going to be his BFF. Every morning, he'd run to join her in the pasture and follow her everywhere, and though she was known for being stand-offish, she really took to him. They do everything together – they graze together, eat together, and nap in the sun together.

The people who run Lighthouse Farm say that they see the two grooming one another, which was startling at first because Helen had never had an opportunity to express that mothering instinct.

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