VIDEO: Soldier Watches Child Being Born on FaceTime

May 10, 2018 | Mysti Jordan

Specialist Brooks Lindsey has been training at Fort Bliss, getting ready to be deployed to Kuwait with the Army National Guard. When he got word that his pregnant wife, Haley, was going to be induced early, he immediately booked a flight. When he arrived at the airport, though, he found out his flight had been delayed.

Lindsey was devastated to think that he was going to miss the birth of his baby. That’s when his mother FaceTimed him from the hospital and said that he could watch the birth that way. Other passengers on the flight found out why Specialist Lindsey was glued to his phone, and when they heard the newborn baby cry, the entire gate broke out in cheers.

His family says everything actually worked out for the best, because had the flight been on time, he would have been in the air when his baby was born.

See his sweet reaction to becoming a father below!

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