VIDEO: Uber Driver Gives Couple Amazing Gift

July 17, 2017 | Mysti Jordan

Heard On-Air

David Scullion drives for Uber in the Philadelphia area, and Friday, he got a call from a panicked couple who had a flat tire. When he arrived to pick them up, he realized why their anxiety level was so high: they were on their way to get married. They were trying to make it to the courthouse for their 12:30 appointment.

On the way there, David asked them if they had their witness. When they told him they didn’t, he said he would like to waive the Uber fare if they would agree to let him be their witness. They were so excited and immediately accepted his generous offer.

David had been scrimping and saving every fare he got so that he could purchase a new car, but he said that he was so grateful he could give this sweet couple their first official wedding gift.

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