David A Dein


About David

I'm a husband and father of twins. You can find me most days at the local playground with my son and daughter sliding down slides and then pushing those kiddos on swings. When left to my own devices, I love watching movies, reading books, and napping.  I'm also the music coordinator here at Star 99.1 so if you hear a song and it inspired you, you're welcome.   

I host Star 99.1's brand new countdown show, Your Favorite Songs, its the show where you help us choose the music you want to hear on Star 99.1.  I love you hear you share your hearts, share your struggles, and I love it most when we can laugh together.

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David is on-air Saturday nights from 8 - Midnight.

David is host for Your Favorite Songs on Saturdays at 10am and 7pm also on Sundays at 11am and 8pm.