Sam Kelly

sam-n-zoeThe lowdown on Sam:

  • Born in Africa
  • Writing a Christian detective novel
  • Voice of Princess Peach and Toad in Nintendo's Mario Kart games
  • 5 star Chinese
  • Chocolate covered? I'll eat it.

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A Note From Sam

It's not something I'm proud of. I used to avoid church on Mother's Day because it made me feel like I was missing something important in my life. I was a single girl with a dog for many years. Don't get me wrong... I loved my life. It's just that I wanted a family. I thought I'd be a good wife and mother, but it seemed like God had said no. Eight years ago God sent Carlos - a tall handsome businessman with a big heart and a good laugh. He also had three boys... I said "I do" to all of them, and have thanked God with all my heart. The oldest two are in college now and the youngest, Desmond, is 12-years-old.

We gave him a baby sister in 2012 - Zoe. This miracle girl was born with Down Syndrome and for five months suffered from a seizure disorder that seemed incurable. It's the hardest thing I've ever done - watch an innocent baby go through pain and not be able to help her. I spoke about it at a church women's group. The 300 women there prayed for her to be healed, and she was. She really was. Now she has no seizures. She is smart, gorgeous, fierce and hilarious.

God is faithful. He heals. He has given me life in abundance. Sometimes that means piles of laundry... grass stained socks balled up... the refrigerator door left open (again)... the highchair and the dog smeared with smashed sweet potato. Mostly it means great joy, lots of work, stronger faith, and huge admiration for those parents who have done it so many years more than I have.  I love radio and Christian music and am so excited to join the Star 99.1 team.

Sam Kelly