Star Mobile Listening

phonesWhether you're stuck at the airport, traveling in the car, at a hotel or behind your desk, Star 99.1 never has to be left behind!

You can listen to Star 99.1 on almost every device imaginable - from your Desktop, inside a browser, to apps developed specifically for your Smartphone or Tablet.  We have apps for your iPhone or iPad, one for Android phones and tables and our just-released Windows Mobile 8 app for Windows phones & tablets!

While Star's antenna may only reach from New York City to the Pennsylvania border, using your smartphone and headphone jack adapter, you can listen to Star on your road-trip to California or the Smokey Mountains.  Stuck in line at Six Flags or in front of Space Mountain?  No need to leave Star behind, fire up the app and get the positive encouragement you find on Star 99.1!

mobile-streaming-jackDo you have that friend who always complains "We don't have a good Christian radio station in my city!"  Well, they do now.  With a browser or an app, Star can be your hometown station regardless of where your hometown is located.  If it's Pittsburgh, PA or Eatonville, WA - Star is just a tap away.

But we're certainly not limited to the US!  Looking for the music you love as you wind your day down after your long day on the missions field in Mexico, India or parts in-between - if you have the Internet, you can listen to us on the foreign field.

 Be sure to install the official Star 99.1 app on all of your devices:

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