Let’s Go to Church!

Have you ever been to a concert where an entire arena is filled with people singing Amazing Grace? Chill bumps, right? Yeah, there’s just something super special and powerful about being with like-minded people, worshiping and praying together.

We were designed for community. God created us to yearn for and thrive in relationships. God tells us to not give up meeting together (Hebrews 10:25). We are stronger and more effective together. Church is THE place to go for help and healing. So, let’s commit together!


With Easter around the corner, there are lots of special activities leading up to the most exciting Holiday on the calendar….THE RESURRECTION!

Below is a map of some in our area. Whether you’re interested in a family activity like an egg hunt or in search of a home on Sunday morning to grow in your faith, take a look at what’s available in your neighborhood and then call us at 1 800 791-0991 to tell us about your experience.

We would love see how many people are participating in our Let's Go to Church pledge. Click below & let us know.

Count me in!


If you would like your Church's Easter event added, click here.  

Now that we're friends, stay connected