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A Constant Reminder

March 05, 2019 | Kristen James

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Years ago, my mom had sent me a picture of her friend's puppies! I saw this chubby puppy and I loved him immediately. But I prayed because Lord knows if you adopt an animal that wasn't meant for you that's asking for chaos! So I prayed and I prayed. I said God I really would love to have this puppy but I don't want him if he isn't from You. 

Every single thing about getting this puppy aligned. And when his plane landed from Florida at Newark airport and I took him out of the crate, he immediately smothered me with kisses. I named him Wesley. 

Wesley is a gift straight from God. He loves hikes, beach trips, going to the park, and me. The craziest thing about my Australian Shepherd is that he's completely independent, wants to do things on his own and absolutely brilliant. But as soon as he senses that I'm feeling sad, he's attached to my side. And I believe that's because God made us for each other. 

Every time I look at this dog, I'm reminded that God loves me, unconditionally. He loves me so much and knows me so well that He put us together to bless each other. The other night I was feeling so bad and down. Wesley was in the living room squeaking a toy he hadn't pulled the stuffing out of (yet). And I think he heard me sigh. He came running in, put his head on my lap and then climbed up next to me to snuggle. He's usually very stingy about giving kisses, but when I'm sad he smothers me. 

I immediately thought, "God is so good to me." 

We all have that one thing that is a constant reminder of God's love for us. What's your thing? Use it. 

When you feel alone, lonely, down, beaten - look at that constant reminder and realize that you are never alone and that your God loves you so much that He gave you this personal, only you would understand, reminder of His love. 

Wesley is so good to me and for me. No matter what happens during the day, I know that as soon as I walk through my door, unconditional love is waiting for me. Whether or not I give him a treat, whether or not I have to yell at him for barking at the neighbors, whether or not I "feel" loved. This doggo makes me feel valued and appreciated, loved and adored, and it all points me back to the one that created him and me. Thank God for His amazing love! 

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