A Heartwarming Reunion of Dog and Family After California Wild Fires

December 12, 2018 | Brenda Price

Family Life

A Northern California woman had the reunion of a lifetime when she returned to the ruins of her home, one month after Camp Fire blazed through the community, and found her dog awaiting her arrival. Andrea Gaylord told ABC10 that when she finally made it back to see what was left of her Paradise home, she found Madison, an Anatolian shepherd mix, patiently sitting on the barren property. Gaylord was unable to get home to rescue Madison and his doggy brother Miguel, according to K9 Paw Print Rescue. With strict evacuation orders in place for weeks, Gaylord was not permitted to return to her community or go searching for her pets. She eventually found Miguel in Citrus Heights, a city 86 miles south of Paradise. Then, one month after evacuating, Gaylord finally returned to her home to find Madison patiently waiting for her and protecting what was left of their property.



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