A Visit To The Great Swamp

February 14, 2018 | David A. Dein

Family Life

Last Saturday Mom had to work and even with a threat of rain, I packed my 8 year old twins in the car for a grand adventure.  New Jersey is full of fun parks, little hidden treasures, and exciting mysteries around every corner.  So we went to a place we had never been to before, the Great Swamp Outdoor Education Center in Chatham.   It was muddy, it was wet, but with some old sneakers, a sturdy umbrella, and a sense of wonder we set out for the day.

We began walking down a soggy hiking trail and discovered a Wigwam in the middle of the forest which the kids just loved to explore.  They’ve been studying Native American societies in school.  So they recognized what it was before me.

Penny, my daughter screamed “There’s a bed in here,” and Desmond my son was more infatuated with the fact that it was “a Tailow nest.”  Which is "Pokémon Go" speak for a bird he'd been wanting to catch.  So obviously we got a picture.

The indoor center hosts a bunch of fun exhibits, and an amazing array of taxidermy.  Which my Daughter insisted she pet (don't worry I made sure she didn't).    We also were treated to a wonderful Maple Syrup making demonstration to which my daughter was invited to help demonstrate (using a hand drill).  The instructors and rangers at the park were really wonderful and captived the young and old alike.  Man did we have fun.


So we found a fun spot that once it warms up and gets a little less soggy we’ll return to.  But if you are looking for a fun family activity their Maple Syrup Demonstrations go on for the next few weekends.  To check it out for yourself vist the Morris Parks Offical Website.

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