Christmas Wish: After Being Homeless, 13-Year-Old Sasha is Given a Laptop

December 05, 2018 | Rick Hall


Thinking of others before herself.

That's thirteen-year-old Sasha.  She and her mom had been homeless.  That was until Sasha's grandmother took her in.

And this Christmas, Sasha's Christmas Wish has come true.

Maria's Christmas Wish Letter about Sasha, Her Granddaughter

I am writing with the hopes of being able to bless my grand daughter, Sasha, this Christmas. Sasha is only thirteen years old, but she’s already had to walk a road most children her age have not. She and her mother are not able to live together right now because they recently lost their apartment.

Sasha’s security was ripped out from underneath her – her bedroom, her furniture, the desk where she did her homework and wrote her hopes and dreams for the future in her diary, the table where she was able to share meals with her mother and talk about her days, the bed where she slept and dreamed at night – all gone. And this is not the first time it’s happened, either.

They’ve struggled in the past, and Sasha has been bounced from home to home, she’s lived in shelters, she’s had to collect her belongings in a bag and pick up and not know where she was laying her head that night. And through all of this, she has never displayed any resentment for her situation. She’s never complained. She’s never been angry. In fact, through all the uncertainty, Sasha has held her head high, and rather than thinking of herself and her complications, she thinks of others and how she can help.

All she has asked for for Christmas is that her brother, sister and mother be able to have a gift of some sort, though she knows that with the current financial situation, that’s next to impossible. I would love to make HER Christmas wish come true, and my wish for her is that she have a laptop of her own so that she’s able to complete her school assignments.

Sasha is an amazing young woman, despite the fact that the odds have been stacked against her. I’d like to give her this tool to help her succeed in her studies, and I’d love to provide the gifts for her family so that they all have something under the tree this Christmas.

Thank you,

Maria of Maplewood, NJ

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