Are there “Boy Jobs” and “Girl Jobs?”—Or just “Jobs?”

February 13, 2018 | Rick Hall

Spiritual Growth

It's 2018.  Girls can do anything that boys can do!

My wife and I have been very intentional about reinforcing this fact with our seven-year-old daughter.  As parents, it's important to ensure that our voices are combating the loud voices in the world that are telling our daughters otherwise.

I probably shouldn't be surprised, but it amazed me that at seven years of age, she had already began hearing voices telling her what  it is that she can and cannot do.  For example, she lamented recently as we walked home from school that a boy in her class said that when she grows up, she can't become a Marine.  But it's not just about our girls.  It's about our boys too.  It's important for my son to know that he can grow up to be whoever he chooses to be.  There are not occupations for boy and occupations for girls.  Simply put, there are careers.  For everyone.

"Not everyone believes in her and not everyone supports her, but her God goes with her and that's what sustains her."

So imagine my surprise while watching the Team USA Women's Olympic team play over the weekend.   I made a comment to my daughter about how neat it was to see the pony tails coming out of the helmets of the Olympians.  Moments later, my son turned around in disbelief, telling us that it was boys we were watching on TV.  Now, the voices telling my daughter that "she can't" are coming from within her own home.  Now granite, my son is only three and does not know better, but the last thing I want is for any seeds of doubt to begin to sprout in my daughters mind.

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Don't Let the Voices of Others Hold You Back

Consider Ruth from the Bible (Ruth 1:1).  At the very beginning of the book of Ruth, she was found living in a nation that the Israelites frowned upon.  On top of that she had lost her husband and was living with her widowed mother-in-law.

The pain Ruth experienced had to have been unimaginable.  Yet she chose to embark on a journey to Israel anyway.  She could have stayed behind and stayed in Moab, but she trusted that God had more life for her to live and she moved forward in confidence.

And she didn't listen to the judgmental voices telling her otherwise.  Instead, she trusted that her future was worth pursuing and in the end, her story has been a source of encouragement and strength for millions of women worldwide.

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