Author: David A. Dein

I CAN ONLY IMAGINE TOO: THE MICAH TYLER STORY (or a fun conversation with Micah Tyler)

April 30, 2018 | David A. Dein

Micah Tyler sat down with David A. Dein, to discuss adventures in the desert, what it's like to… Read More


Babies, Indiana Jones, and Miracles: A Conversation with Jon Steingard of Hawk Nelson

April 19, 2018 | David A. Dein

David A Dein sat  down the Jon Steingard lead singer of  Hawk Nelson, and the hardest working… Read More


Scenes from a Mexican Restaurant (Getting to know Riley Clemmons)

April 09, 2018 | David A. Dein

Riley Clemmon's has been at the music game since she was twelve years old. Now at 18 she's… Read More


Dream Small and Do Big Things (with Josh Wilson)

March 29, 2018 | David A. Dein

It's been a couple of years since we've gotten a visit from Josh Wilson.  But he was… Read More



March 14, 2018 | David A. Dein

“But the tax collector stood at a distance. He would not even look up to heaven, but beat… Read More


Open the Door, Duh!

March 01, 2018 | David A. Dein

Eight years ago, my wife and I invited two little babies into our home.  With them came 2 babies… Read More


I’m the Worst (But I Can Get Better)

February 23, 2018 | David A. Dein

Recently we started playing a brand new song called Reckless Love, by Corey Asbury.  It’s… Read More


Playing With Glass: A Family Road Trip

February 22, 2018 | David A. Dein

Thanks to an in service day for all teachers and the Presidents Day weekend, that left four glorious… Read More


MOSIAC MSC:  Jesus, Make The Darkness Tremble

February 15, 2018 | David A. Dein

We had a special treat at the Star 99.1 Studios Today when Mosaic MSC, a worship band from Mosiac… Read More


A Visit To The Great Swamp

February 14, 2018 | David A. Dein

Last Saturday Mom had to work and even with a threat of rain, I packed my 8 year old twins in the… Read More


What Can You Find On The Side Of The Road

February 08, 2018 | David A. Dein

I’m an amateur urban explorer.  I love finding interesing things on the side of the… Read More


Jesus’s Bad Day

February 07, 2018 | David A. Dein

I’m still old enough to remember flannel graphs, if you don’t remember they were these… Read More


The Eclipse Is Coming

August 16, 2017 | David A. Dein

The Total Eclipse of the Sun is coming on Monday Afternoon between 1 and 4pm.  If you're… Read More


Pray For Mark Gastineau of The New York Jets

January 20, 2017 | David A. Dein

It's not every day you get to talk to a sports star.  But last February I was in the studio… Read More


Awesome Friday with Des and Penny: Duck Donut’s Greenbrook

January 13, 2017 | David A. Dein

It happens every week.  I call it AWESOME FRIDAY.  It was a way to celebrate that we made… Read More


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