Brenda’s Evening Encouragement Podcast: Invite Jesus Into Your Addiction

January 24, 2019 | Brenda Price

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God does not condemn you because of your addiction, He wants to love you and heal you.  Addiction can be so crippling that it makes you feel ashamed, guilty, terrified, scared, alone, helpless.  After watching a powerful documentary, I really wanted to share it with you, in hopes to encourage you that all the pain and fear from addiction is not a wall keeping you from God, it is actually the bridge to Him that can set you free!  I am a recovered addict, 11 years clean from a drug problem, so I have walked through addiction, and I am walking with you today in hopes to encourage you to invite Jesus into your addiction, so He can grab your hand and love you to freedom...


This podcast may be unsuitable for young children, discretion is advised.

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