Christmas Wish: A Gas Card for the Sister Who Gives All

December 10, 2018 | Rick Hall

A special gift.  Of a gas card.  For the sister who gives everything.

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Dear Star 99-1’s Christmas Wish,

I remember a time in my life when I prayed to God, asking him to send me an angel to help with everything that our family was going through.  And he sent me that angel.  And it’s my dear friend Karen.

Life for our family is quite the adventure.  My son is the light of my life and is truly a gift from God.  One of his unique features is his autism.  And I know that a lot of people don’t understand, but it really is a gift.  Because he gets to see the world through a different set of lenses. 

But for those who love and care for him, it brings with it a unique set of challenges that other parents probably don’t realize.  And when things have been tough for me, Karen was there.

When my cup was overflowing, Karen was there.  Helping me with my boy – and always answering my call when I just needed a friend to talk to.

She’s truly a godsend to my family.

But I know that she’s a godsend to others as well.  When he’s not helping our family, she’s working two full time jobs.  Each morning while the rest of the world is sleeping, Karen’s alarm goes off extra early so that she can leave the house at 5 in the morning.  And because she’s working TWO jobs, her car doesn’t pull into the driveway until after 10’o clock at night.

Her commute to work is long.  Each day, she logs a lot of miles on her car.  My Christmas Wish would be to bless Karen with a gas card so that even though she has a lot of other things on her mind, one thing she won’t have to worry about for a little while is the gas.

Please Star 99-1’s Christmas Wish, make my Christmas Wish for Karen come true!


Tessa of Somerset, NJ

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