Christmas Wish: Kissairy’s Living Room is Complete with a Couch and a Christmas Tree

December 06, 2018 | Rick Hall

"Motherhood is a million little moments that God weaves together with grace, redemption, laughter, tears, and most of all, love." – Lysa TerKeurst

Annette shared with Star 99.1's Christmas Wish just how wonderful of a mother Kissairy is to her beautiful children.  Kissairy and her children recently moved into an apartment of her own after living the past two years in a shelter.  Listen as Kissairy's wish this Christmas is granted!

Listen to Kissairy's Christmas Wish

Annette's Christmas Wish Letter for Kissairy

Dear Star 99.1’s Christmas Wish,

I’m writing on behalf of my friend Kissairy.  She’s a single mom of four young girls.  She’s already received a Christmas miracle – and that’s a home of her own after she and the girls spent the last two years living in a shelter.

Life in the shelter wasn’t easy.  She’ll tell you that it was better than living on the streets or sleeping in her car, but it was far cry from the life that she’ll now get to enjoy now that she has a home to call of her own.

The folks at the shelter were kind and loving.  And they assured Kissairy that so long as she stayed out of trouble, she could stay indefinitely.  At the shelter, Kissairy found food and clothing.  But privacy for she and her little girls?  That was void.  The shelter workers provided the best conditions that they could, but there were so many people.  So many stories.  So many needs.  And it was no life for my friend Kissairy.  And certainly no life for her four beautiful little girls.

After two years of shelter life – where it was loud, noisy, and every day full of their unique “surprises,” Kissairy’s new home seems like a royal palace for she and the girls.

My family and I have been doing everything that we can do to help them get back up on their feet.  We bought the girls the most beautiful bedroom set that we could afford.  Finally, the girls have a room that they can call their own.  And when they come home from school, they’ll now put their tiny little pack packs in their very own room.  A place where they feel safe.

And for Kissairy too – we provided her with furniture for her bedroom.  She too has a safe place where she can rest her head.  And finally get much need sleep after spending one too many nights in a shelter.

Our Christmas Wish is for Star 99-1’s Christmas Wish to provide Kissairy with a couch.  Even though the bedrooms are furnished, the living room… a space where the girls and Kissariy can spend time together relaxing and making memories.  Working on homework… and just enjoying each other’s company… is empty.  The apartment isn’t much – so even a small piece of furniture will mean the world to Kissary and her girls.

Thank you for considering our Christmas Wish, Star 99-1!


Annette of Bloomdale, NJ

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