Christmas Wish: Presents Underneath Lauren’s Christmas Tree

December 07, 2018 | Rick Hall

"For it is in giving that we receive."

Lauren's boyfriend shared with Star 99.1's Christmas Wish that things have been tough.  But thanks to Christmas Wish, his wish for Lauren has been granted!

LISTEN:  Justin and Lauren on Star 99.1's Christmas Wish

READ: Justin's Christmas Wish Letter on behalf of Lauren

Dear Star 99.1,

My name is Justin and I’m writing to see if a Christmas wish could be granted for my friend, Lauren. She’s walking a really rough road right now. She’s a single mom, trying to raise three children, two of whom are autistic. As you can imagine, trying to provide that care without the support of a spouse is incredibly difficult, and there are many days when she feels defeated and completely alone.

On top of everything, Lauren suffers from a chronic illness. She’s tired. She’s in pain. And she has no choice but to push through to care for her family, even on her worst days. She has to rise early in the morning to fix breakfast, she has to make lunch and dinner, she has to keep the house clean and help her kids with their homework, she has to make sure their needs are fully met – and though she’s suffering in silence, Lauren puts those children above her own needs and gives her family everything she has, every single day.

She wants nothing more than to make sure that her children are healthy and happy and fully taken care of. She was very much looking forward to providing them with a good Christmas when an unexpected bill drained her account and left her with no way to buy gifts for her children. The thought of those kids walking into the living room on Christmas morning and seeing absolutely nothing under the tree absolutely broke her heart. But she knew that with her financial situation, there would be no frenzy of unwrapping, no squeals of joy, no ruckus throughout the house as they enjoyed their new toys.

Lauren can’t bear the thought of that. However, it’s the reality she’s facing. I’m asking that Star 99.1 take that burden off her shoulders and provide Christmas gifts for the three kids. It would mean the world to her, and to me.

I’ve been really struggling with my faith these days, and I almost didn’t write in to ask for this because I’m not very optimistic, but I thought I’d give it a shot. If anyone deserves a good Christmas, it’s Lauren and her family. Please grant this Christmas wish for the best mom in the world.

Thank you,

Justin of Langhorne, PA

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