Couple Donates Land to House Disadvantaged Families

February 16, 2017 | Mysti Jordan

Heard On-Air

A couple in Australia has done something amazingly generous to help disadvantaged families get into affordable housing. Ian and Neva Handy have donated enough land to build fifty townhouses on. It’s a $10.5 million development that the not-for-profit group Churches of Christ Housing Services will be constructing these houses on.

The Handys said that originally, they were going to do it themselves and build the homes themselves, but that it’s a lot more expensive to get a project like that done as a private enterprise, so to make the money go farther and do more for people, they just turned the land over to the organization. They’ve always looked for ways to help people and to give back, so they’re really excited to be able to do this.

Churches of Christ Housing Services have started construction on the townhomes and they’re expected to be finished by this fall. 

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