Did You Hear About This? The Delaware Christmas Weed

November 29, 2018 | Dave MooreKristen James

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Did You Hear About This? For its size, Delaware packs in a lot....a lot of weirdness. One interesting (or weird) Christmas tradition the people Claymont, Delaware have been celebrating for 25 years is decorating a weed. What? Yeah, 25 years ago a weed grew out of a crack in a median on Philadelphia Pike. Someone put Christmas ornaments on it...and a tradition began. The original weed was quickly taken down by DelDOT, who saw it as a traffic hazard. But the people of Claymont loved their Christmas Weed. Every year they find a new weed to decorate, hold a parade for it, and place it on Philadelphia Pike. DelDOT leaves the local curiosity alone now. It's so famous that people drive from out-of-state to see it. There's even a song! 

MORE about the Claymont Christmas Weed - HERE

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