Failing New Years Resolutions Is Not a Bad Thing

January 06, 2017 | Rick Hall


Just a little over a week ago, 80% of us set a New Year's Resolution.

Full disclosure:  That statistic is completely made up.  But it sounded believable!

Get fit.  Make smarter food choices.  Save more money.  Spend less money.  Change jobs.  Go back to school.  Reconnect with old friends.  Restore a broken relationship.  The list of possibilities is endless.

Yet only 2% of us actually achieve the resolution that we set out on.  Again, another statistic that's totally made up.

But what if that didn't matter?

Say you made the decision to spend more time in God's word.

Is it such a bad thing that you threw in towel after two weeks?  Well, it's not great... but for two weeks you poured into your relationship with Jesus.  What if it were your marriage?  To be intentional about date nights.  And say you gave up after three weeks.  Those are three dates you have under your belt.

I'm not encouraging you to give up or even make it ok for you to do so.  Rather, I'm challenging you to think a little differently and consider the resolution glass being half full.

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