Family Reunited with Stolen Puppy in Surprising Way

November 10, 2017 | Mysti Jordan

Heard On-Air

Four-year-old Maia’s family adopted a little eight-week-old Labrador named Sasha. Even though Sasha had only been with them for a week, Maia was super attached to her. That’s why she was absolutely devastated when someone broke into their home while they were away and took a laptop, an iPad, some jewelry, and Sasha.

The family was desperate to get the puppy back because she has a medical condition that needs to be closely monitored and they knew that whoever took her would be unaware of that and Sasha wouldn’t get the care she needed. They took to social media to beg the thieves to return them, explaining the situation.

You’d think that someone who was brazen enough to steal a puppy probably wouldn’t care what the family wanted, but a couple of days later, they found Sasha in their backyard, unharmed. The thieves apparently did feel really bad about what they’d done, and they took Sasha home to be with her family, who says they’re happy to have her back.

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