PODCAST:  Finding God in Auto Repairs

April 23, 2019 | Rick Hall


What do you do when you hear the car make a noise?  You turn the radio up!

No one likes getting the car repaired.  It's not just the cost, but the whole process.  The mechanics and service advisors often speak in words that you don't understand.  And while many in the auto service industry have a desire to teach and show compassion, all the mind hears or sees are dollar signs.

But what if there's a spiritual application here?  Is it possible that we're communicating the greatest love the world has ever seen, Jesus, in a similar way?  As we speak to those in our lives, are we relating the story of the Gospel in a way that's easily understood or are we speaking alternators and calipers?

Listen in as Rick and Mysti share car horror stories, miracle moments behind the wheel, and what we can learn from auto repairs that could help someone grow in their faith.

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