Finding Holy in the Midst of the Holiday Chaos

December 03, 2018 | Rick Hall

Spiritual Growth

It's supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year.  Yet demands from every corner tug until you break.  Lucretia Berry is a writer and shared her mixed feelings on the Christmas holiday as she strived to enter the Christmas season with a different perspective in mind.

I complain, Why is everyone throwing holiday parties at the same time? Can’t these gatherings and celebrations be sprinkled throughout the year? I would love a party in June. Winter’s cold weather asks us to don layers, thick sweaters, boots, coats, and hats, not dainty evening gowns and uncomfortably fierce heels.

Can you relate?  Do you find the holidays to be a suffocating time of the year?

I spend all year trying to maintain a clean, clutter-free, relaxing, “cozy-minimalist” home, and then Christmas assaults my simple, monotone-themed, serene spaces with screaming, bright red contrasted with hunter green, sparkly tinsel, giant socks dangling, a giant tree erected inside my house, adorned with so many lights and all kinds of stuff, placed front and center commanding all the attention! How much time do I lose daily adjusting the stuff on the tree? How much money do we lose stuffing things under the tree?

Ha.  "How much money do we lose stuffing things under the tree" ... how many times have you months after the holiday found a present hidden away?  A Christmas present that was tucked behind a piece of furniture or an Easter present that slipped under the couch, only to find it during a move.

I have learned the art and beauty of a more sacred practice — a practice where I seek that which is uncommon and special during this time of the year: I am replenished by acknowledging the holy days in the midst of the holidays.... I am filled with wonder knowing that during this season, the ending of the shortest and darkest day of the year marks the beginning of longer, brighter days in the making. I am grateful that someone selected this solar shift from darkness to light as a time to celebrate the dawning of a new day in Christ, and I am grateful for these holy moments during the holidays.

See, this is the thing!  When Christmas is approached with a pessimistic attitude, it's no wonder we get swept up into the business of the season.  But like Lucretia writes, if we approach Christmas with a "glass is half full" perspective, we'll see that the schedule change and additions to our day because of the holidays lead to something unique.  Something that's set apart.

A Holy perspective to Christmas.  Thank you Lucretia, for this fresh perspective.

To read her piece on the blog (In)Courage, "Seeking Holy in the Midst of the Holidays," click here.

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