Former Inmate Skips Job Interview for Incredible Reason

July 17, 2017 | Mysti Jordan

Heard On-Air

Aaron Tucker was released from prison a little over a week ago, and he had done the nearly impossible – he’d landed himself a job interview at a local barbecue restaurant. He woke up at 5 a.m., grabbed a dress shirt that he’d been given at the halfway house he was staying in, and jumped on a bus to go meet the restaurant manager.

Aaron was about to doze off on the ride when the bus stopped and startled him awake. That’s when he saw a car hit a tree and flip over. He asked the bus driver if he planned to help. The driver said, “No, but if you get out, I’m going to leave.”

Aaron knew he was blowing his chance to get a job, but he jumped off the bus, ran to the car, and knelt down by the passenger side window. That’s when he saw that the driver was hurt pretty badly. Working quickly, he got the guy out of his seatbelt and dragged him away from the car just as it caught on fire. Then, he took that dress shirt he’d been given for the interview and used it as a bandage until the ambulance could arrive.

Once the community learned Aaron’s story and heard what he’d missed to help the driver, they set up a GoFundMe page for him, and in one day, raised $16,000 to help him get on his feet. There were also donation drives for him that collected clothes and food for Aaron and his 21-month-old son. Plus, a business owner reached out to him and offered him a tailored suit for future job interviews!

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