Going Deep with I Am They

February 27, 2019 | David A. Dein

InspirationSpiritual Growth

On the eve of the release of I Am They's latest Album Trials and Triumphs the band dropped a series of videos laying bare some of the major trials that they had been going through. From heartbreaking divorces to struggles with drugs and sexual sin the band used these videos and their new song Scars to remind us all that God is with us in the trials and rejoices with us in the Triumphs.

Join host David A. Dein as he sits down with Matt Hein, a founding member of I Am They, to talk about the struggles, the hope, and more importantly how our scars are proof that we've been healed on this episode of Going Deep.

This episode touches on some frank issues that may not be suitable for young children. 

Trial and Triumphs Videos 

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