Having a CEO Mom

August 10, 2017 | Rick Hall

Heard On-Air

In a blog by Kaitlin Goldin, she discusses what it is like to have a CEO of company as a mom. More importantly, she discusses how different she actually is compared to what is usually portrayed on television of what a working mother is like.

Rather than the stereotypical boss-mom who is constantly on her phone and yelling at employees for leaving her office door open by accident, Kaitlin explains that when she watches her mom run her company, Hint, it is with kindness and leadership.

Also, as the company grew, and there were more late nights and weekends at the office, their quality time together actually grew stonger due to how much more they appreciated the time they had together. It helped their conversation skills and allowed them to be more open with eachother.

You can read the full post here

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