Homemade Chicken Soup

January 18, 2019 | LuAnn Schafer

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Comfort food at its best and healthy too!  This is the perfect way to warm up on a snowy weekend!

Homemade Chicken Soup


1 onion cut in half (it’s easier to remove when the soup is done)

1 cup carrots, cut into ¼ inch pieces

1 cup celery cut into ¼ inch slices

2 garlic cloves, pressed

8 cups fat-free broth of your choice

1 cup broccoli florets

1 yellow squash, cut into ¼ inch slices

1 teaspoon dried basil (more or less to taste)

1 teaspoon dried thyme (more or less to taste)

1 tablespoon dried parsley

1/2 teaspoon salt

2 bone-in chicken breasts

2 bouillon cubes (I use Better than Bouillon)

2 bay leaves

Parmesan cheese (approximately 3 heaping tablespoons)

¾ lb small pasta (Ditalini & Acini de Pepe are my favs)


Bring broth, bouillon, chicken, basil, thyme, parsley, garlic, onion, bay leaves & salt to a boil in a stock pot.  Reduce heat and simmer about 50 minutes. 

Add remaining ingredients & simmer another 40 minutes (until they’re the consistency you like).

Cook pasta until al dente.  Because I always make enough for the week, cooking al dente allows the pasta to retain it's texture when reheating, rather than becoming mushy.

When soup is done, remove bay leaves and onion.  Add parmesan cheese & stir completely.  

Remove chicken.  Using 2 forks, shred meat from bones and return to pot.

Add pasta & enjoy!

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