How Do I Pray For Someone I Don’t Get Along With?

December 04, 2018 | Brenda Price

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There are probably some people in your life that you dont get along with.  So, if Jesus tells us to love everyone, even our enemies, how can we pray for someone we don't like?

Usually we want to say a prayer asking God to change them right?  We want God to make this person act like we want them to! RIGHT?!?!  Then it is easier for us to like them.. and life is good!  

Well....... you know the whole .. speck in your own eye thing.. yup! That is where this is going! 

I was listening to a Joyce Meyer podcast this week about praying for people we don't like or get along, and if you ever listen to her or watch her, you know she don't beat around the bush, she is straight forward! She says try this when you pray:

1. Pray for God to soften YOUR HEART for this person

2. Pray for God to help you get along with this person, don't ask him to change them to suit your needs

3. Pray that this person will become all that GOD wants them to be! 

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