How To Change Negative Communication

December 04, 2018 | Brenda Price

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Do you have someone in your life that you have negative communication with? Wether it be a husband, wife, fiance, family member, coworker, friend, the list goes on... well, we always want them to change the way they communicate or respond, but what if we actually tried to look at our own selves instead? 

I get these amazing emails from Gary Chapman author of The 5 Love Languages , they are so helpful! In this case, he says: "When you decide to focus less on changing the way the other person is (or isn't) responding and more on how you are communicating, you set an atmosphere that is much more conducive for change."

Here are some ideas he gives to change the dialogue:

  • Cut back on complaining.
  • Don't interrupt or correct when he or she speaks.
  • Talk about how you'd like things to be, not about your dissatisfaction with how thing are.
  • Give space when the other person needs it.
  • Work on developing your listening skills.

Chapman also says that if nothing changes, nothing changes:

"Every communication pattern has a recipe. Change the ingredients, and the outcome changes. Change the order or method of preparation, and the outcome changes. If nothing changes, nothing changes.

Why not be the catalyst toward positive communication patterns starting today? You can do this by changing the "ingredients" you bring to the "recipe" of each and every conversation."

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