I Have No Goals

February 27, 2019 | Kristen James

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Last night at my weekly Bible study, we did something totally different. Usually we worship together, get a great message and then hang out for a little while. But yesterday after worship, we prayed for each person. 

When it was my turn, I didn't want to totally be transparent but I knew God wanted to work on me, so I told the truth - I'm numb. I don't care about anything. Nothing moves me. I have no passion.

My friends were a little shocked because that's not who or how I am. But I feel that for so many years I've been moving through one thing to another to another, working on accomplishing so many goals. And now I've reached a point where I've checked all the things off the list and I don't know what to do anymore. 

So they prayed and prayed. Then they encouraged and encouraged. If you don't have a support system grounded in God - YOU. NEED. ONE. NOW. 

My friends took turns explaining that this season of "nothing" as I see it, is also part of the process. It's been non-stop go, go, go for me for as long as I can remember. But God works in the waiting on what's next as well. Sometimes when you don't feel like you have anything to look forward to you can become numb, unpassionate, unmotivated. But God is working on you in those moments as well, preparing you to be who He needs you to be in order to accomplish the next thing He has for you (whenever that may be). 

It was so encouraging. I'm the kind of person that cannot sit and relax, I have to be doing something. And when I thought I had nothing to do I became really discouraged. But even though I don't have a plan for what's next yet, I haven't seen the goal to work toward, I know the plan is to work on me so I can be ready to step into whatever He has for me next. If you're like that too or you've been feeling that way, it's so much of a relief to be able to think of the waiting period as a refining period.

The preparation is the goal. 

I love that. 

So whatever season you're in - I pray that you have peace and passion in that season. Even if it's the preparation season like me. Don't get down from not having a box to check. Work on being who God needs you to be in order to give you a new checklist. The goal is always (no matter what!) to look more and more like Jesus. And that's something I can get on board with! 

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