Italian Ice and Dads

March 19, 2019 | Kristen James

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Spring has finally sprung! Did you know that every year on the first day of spring, Rita's gives out free Italian Ice!? If you didn't, you're welcome! It's tomorrow, 3/20!

Every year, my dad would drive us to every Rita's in our area! We had them all mapped out and down to a science. AKA you get the red ice at the last Rita's stop otherwise you have stained Rita's evidence all over your face. We would start at the closest Rita's, eat our ice on the way to the next one... rinse and repeat! My dad is so gentle and patient, he never complained and was always happy to take us all over central Jersey eating ices! And he always brought home an ice for my mom so she didn't have to wait in the lines. 

Even when we got older, started working full time, had our own grown-up lives, my dad still did the Rita's rounds. Last year, it snowed on the first day of spring! My dad and my siblings all got out of work early! So I called everyone up and we made a plan! We met at the first Rita's and started making our rounds!

My dad loves me the way our Heavenly Father loves us. He's patient, He's gentle, He loves spending time with us even when it's for something silly. Our Father is so good to us! And His love is unconditional! It's so exciting to realize that God cares about the little things we care about! Isn't that amazing? The God of the universe, loves when we smile because we got some free italian ice. 

I'm so thankful for my dad being so good to us, for being a true example of God's love. And I bet he never thought Rita's runs would become so important to us. It's the little things that matter!

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