LOCAL FEELS: Pay It Forward Day declared in New Jersey

June 24, 2019 | Dave Moore, Kristen James

Local Feels

He’s only 16 years old and he just had a resolution passed by the New Jersey State Legislature. Making the world a better place, one small act of kindness at a time! That’s Mateo Hollain’s goal. Because of the Hunterdon Central High School sophomore, April 28th is now known as Pay it Forward Day in New Jersey! It’s a day to focus on kindness and doing things to make others feel good. This is who Mateo is! He’s been running his own charity, Live for a Cause, since he was 11. And every year he throws a costume party and tells people to bring nonperishable items to donate to the food bank as their “ticket” in. Live for a Cause engages young people in community service. He’s organized food drives, veteran dinners and even donated his own Christmas presents. Local Feel Good Stories, what’s happening in your town? Reach out to us and let us know.



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