LOCAL FEELS: A Woman Turned To Twitter To Find Three Irish Tourists She Met In Times Square

May 21, 2019 | Dave Moore, Kristen James

Local Feels

Christina Boniello was strolling through Times Square earlier this month when three men with Irish accents asked her to snap a photo of them. They said they didn’t have their own smartphones or cameras, so they asked her to use hers. I don’t know what happened here but apparently no contact information was exchanged either. One of them just said, “We’ll find it someday!” About a week later, Christina posted the picture on Twitter asking for help finding the guys. It took less than an hour for Irish Tweeters to come up with the men’s identities! The photo was retweeted 5,700 times, and the men got their picture! Christina’s biggest fear was that after the tweet gained so much traction she would see that she made a spelling mistake or grammatical error. Ha!

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