LOCAL FEELS: Brooklynites Accidentally Added To A Group Text So They Decided To Meet Up

May 28, 2019 | Dave Moore, Kristen James

Local Feels

Ever end up in a group chat accidentally? Well, get a load of what happened in Brooklyn recently:

UPS accidentally put 20 package recipients in Brooklyn on a group text while sending out delivery notifications. The first to respond in the group chat was actually a comedy writer, Tess Johnson. She said “Is this a group text now?” Everyone starting chiming in – one person said, “Ok. Hi strangers!” Instead of being annoyed or leaving the chat, the neighbors decided they should make something great out of it, like start a band or a podcast -- sponsored by UPS of course. But they settled on meeting at a neighborhood restaurant called Nowadays, all wearing brown with UPS labels with their phone numbers on them. UPS is still confused on how it managed to create the group chat, but the neighbors are pretty thrilled about it and they plan to hang out again soon.

Listen for more: 

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Dave & Kristen

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