LOCAL FEELS: DSNY Helps Man Find Lost Wallet in Tons of Garbage

March 28, 2019 | Dave Moore, Kristen James

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So what do you do if you throw your wallet out in the city? Call the Sanitation Department…..and check your Tile app. That’s what Avrohom Levitt did a few days ago. He placed the Tile tracking device in his wallet just in case something like this were to ever happened, and it did. Good thinking, too. Avrohom called 311, who then connected him to the Sanitation Department, and he told them that his Tile app was giving a location to his wallet. They said, “Well, let’s go find it. But there’s a problem. All that garbage that was collected where you threw it out is now in Newark, NJ.” Avrohom met a Sanitation crew at a Newark transfer facility and he just simply used his phone to pinpoint the location of his wallet….AND HE FOUND IT! He said, “On this journey, and on this adventure, I ended up finding more than just my wallet, I found that the workers in the Sanitation Department are the most wonderful, caring, kind and sweet people." 

Listen here for more of the story: 

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