LOCAL FEELS: Fair Lawn NJ library book returned after 55 years

March 21, 2019 | Dave MooreKristen James

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Ever have an overdue library book? How long did you have it out for? A man in Fair Lawn, NJ walked into Memorial Middle School the other day to return a book he had taken out 55 years ago, and it was still in great condition! The man felt so guilty about still having the book all of these years and wanted to do something about that guilt, but was a little worried about the late fee he’d have to pay. He was thinking that since the school charges $.10 a day for an overdue book, he’d have to pay $2,007.50. The school waved the fee, though. They’re so happy to have the book back that they’re using this as a lesson in honesty and forgiveness.

Take a listen to the story: 


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