LOCAL FEELS: How An Uber Ride In A Snowstorm Kicked Off A Community Cause

April 01, 2019 | Dave Moore, Kristen James

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Sometimes God gives you the right idea at the right time!

Bucks County Deputy Sheriff Gary Bruno was headed into work a few months back, but it was during a snowstorm and the courthouse in Doylestown was closed. So, instead of his regular police work, Deputy Sheriff Bruno turned on his phone so he could maybe pick up a few extra bucks at his side gig: an Uber driver. It didn’t take long for him to start getting notifications that people needed rides, but these weren’t just ordinary requests, these were people looking for a ride to get to recovery meetings.

Brian Gottlieb was one of those asking for a ride during the storm. Brian told Sheriff Bruno that he needed to get to Aldie Counseling in Doylestown. He said in the Bucks County Courier Times, “We talked for a few minutes, but I got the sense he was really rooting for me, and that meant something to me. I’ve been on the opposite side of the law much of my life, but he talked to me like he really cared.” Sheriff Bruno said, “They could have used the weather as an excuse not to go, but they didn’t.”

Sheriff Bruno was so inspired by those doing all they could to get to treatment that he decided to keep the rides going for a little longer. So on During President’s Day, he said he posted on the Doylestown Community Facebook page that he was giving out free rides to anyone needing to get to treatment. All in all, 8 people took him up on that offer.

This ride service to treatment centers has taken off now in Doylestown. Some local businesses have been collecting donations for Uber cards so people can use to get to meetings. And from that effort, 90 cards have been handed out to people in recovery so far.

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