LOCAL FEELS: NYC Couple Got Married on the Subway

May 16, 2019 | Dave Moore, Kristen James

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It’s straight out of a Rom-Com. Two former US Army soldiers, each do a tour in Afghanistan, meet a little while after returning home, bond over their shared experiences, then get married! But where they got married was a little interesting. Robert Musso and Francis Denmark decided recently to get married on the Q train. It was all Robert’s idea, and at first Francis wasn’t too into it but after she thought it over for a few days she decided it would be memorable. So, at 5pm on a Saturday the couple hopped on the train with their officiant, 10 weddings guests, a photographer, and people to hang garland and flowers. Some straphangers were a little annoyed with all the commotion, but that’s until they found out there was going to be a wedding. One commuter even helped Francis with her hair before the ceremony started. The MTA wished the happy couple all the best in the future and even thanked them for using their service….for their service! But why the subway? Robert said, “The subway is an integral part of New York City. If it were to stop, the city would stop. The MTA is like a marriage, they both need work, but they can both take you to beautiful places.”

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Dave Kristen

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