LOCAL FEELS: Queens Woman Turns 112 Years Old!

September 18, 2019 | Dave Moore, Kristen James

Local Feels

Ermisna Theodore celebrated her 112th birthday last week, surrounded by her family at Beach Gardens Nursing Center in Queens! She came to the U.S. from Haiti and has 5 sons, dozens of grandkids and even more great grandkids. Most of them were there to celebrate her, including her granddaughter Sarah and grandson Ben-Oni, who said, “She practically raised each and everyone of us. She didn’t have much education and her life was hard, but without her, none of us would be here. We are very blessed to have her.” Her secret to a long life? “She ate healthy, she was around a lot of family, gave a lot of love. She kept active,” Ermisna’s granddaughter Miriam said.

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