Lonely in a Crowded Room

May 04, 2018 | Kristen James

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Have you ever felt lonely while surrounded by people?

I've felt that way many times before. Recently I was telling my fiance about it and he said, "just go walk down the hall and talk to someone." He was trying to help the situation but I explained to him that it's not like that.

There's a type of loneliness that you can feel even when someone is sitting next to you or when you're in a crowded room.

I realized though, that we are not actually ever alone. Even when we feel emotionally alone and people can't help us feel better - God can. I think that in times like that, when I'm feeling lonely while surrounded by people, it's my soul being lonely for time with God. When I thought about it, I hadn't been spending a lot of time with Him and then it all made sense.

Even though we have a relationship with Him and we know that He's there at arm's reach, sometimes we put up barriers and boundaries between us and Him. Maybe it's that we just simply haven't been making time for Him or maybe it's that we feel like we messed up and are hiding from Him. Either way, He wants us to cut those barriers down and come closer to Him. He doesn't want us to be lonely. 

So pray, ask Him to show you where your hang ups are, what's keeping you from getting closer and then let it go. Believe me, it's a relief when that loneliness melts away. 

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