Mom Puns!

May 10, 2019 | Kristen James

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If you love your mom and you love a pun... YOU'RE WELCOME!

Here's some cute ones to caption your facebook post with or write in a card. Now listen, I didn't say they were good hahaha!


* My love for you is mom-umental.

* I've hit the ~mother lode~ with you, mom!

* Mom, you're better than premium. You're Optimom!

* Today you're having a ~mom~ent!

* Thanks for providing me 9 months of free womb and board.

* There's no mother mom like you.

* Thanks for making pancakes every weekend. There's nobody butter than you, mom.

* Mom, at the bare mini-mom we should celebrate with cake and pie and donuts.

* I couldn't stay ~mum~ on Mother's day. I have to let everyone know how great you are!

* You're one in momillion.

* Sunday is Mother's Day but I'll still celebrate you tomorrow, on Momday. My favorite day of the week.

* Thanks for always taking care of me when I was sick. You're souper.

* I would like to take a mom-ent to feature how great my mom is!

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