Mother of Austic Son Gets Heartwarming Letter

March 17, 2017 | Mysti Jordan

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Kids can make some pretty incredible friends at daycare and school, and sometimes, those friends they make can have a big impact on the lives of the parents, too.

Erin Maddison has a little two year old boy named Kyler, who has nonverbal autism. Erin knew that Kyler had been spending some time with an older girl in the daycare he attended, but she hadn't met her directly. One day, though, when she went to pick up her son, the daycare worker gave her a note from eleven-year-old Giulia. It opened up with an introduction, followed by, “My brother has autism, so I thought I'd share some ideas that helped my brother.”

Giulia went on to talk about the influence music had had on her brother and how it helped build up his vocabulary. She wrote, “I feel very passionate about autism. I enjoy helping Kyler. He seems to like the piano at daycare and enjoys getting others to listen. I'll put a list of ideas under the letter. Please write back and tell me what you think of the ideas.” Giulia suggested a therapy brush to calm Kyler when he's upset, a weighted vest to keep him still and secure, and then she mentioned that her mom had some helpful papers at home that Erin might be able to utilize.

Erin said the letter brought tears to her eyes, and that she's so happy her little boy has a friend like Giulia. And yes, she did write her back and says she's ready to put all of Giulia's tips to the test.

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