Music Thoughts: Love Theory by Kirk Franklin

March 20, 2019 | David A. Dein


A theory is a set of ideas that sound true, but that still need to be tested, experimented and questioned.  We usually come across this concept in science or math. But even your faith needs to stand up to the same rigorous testing.

Take God’s love, for instance, we hear about it tons, with quotes and phrases like “We’re children of God, we’re loved by God, or God will never leave us,”  But if we never put these concepts to the test they’re really just theories. Right?  When you ask the question does God love me? is he proud of me?  Will he really look at all the awful things I've done and still forgive me? Aren't you really putting God's "Love Theory" to the test?

I didn’t ask him personally, but I believe some of that went through Kirk Franklin’s mind when he called his new song Love Theory.  In the song, he asks a bunch of loaded questions. Questions we all probably wrestle with, sometimes every day. 

Questions like ….

 “How can it be, that you love the most unlovable part of me?

  How could you see your life was the only gift I'll ever need to be free?”

Think about that time you were in a really dark place, possibly at your lowest moment.  God was there, taking all your pain and reworking it for good. Now that you're passed that moment don’t you feel better?  It’s made you stronger. God proved his love for you, that he’s with you, and will never leave you. It’s something you can take into the next battle and come out fighting even stronger.  

Or maybe you’re in the midst of the battle, at your lowest point right now.   The good news God will come through if you trust him. He wants you to throw all your questions and doubts at him and he’ll prove it to you.  He will save the day.

So the next time you’re listening to Star 991 and you hear Love Theory by Kirk Franklin, remember that God wants to prove his Love over and over to you.  All you have to do is ask and he’ll come through.

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