Officer’s Quick Thinking Saves Baby’s Life

December 03, 2018 | Mysti Jordan

When something is wrong with your child, it’s an awful feeling. You’re panicked, you don’t know what to do to make it better. That’s what happened to Alex and Stephanie. They were caring for their six-day-old daughter, Alybree, when suddenly, the little girl stopped breathing and her lips turned blue. They called 911, but decided that they couldn’t wait and headed to the hospital.

Officer Jorge Goz saw the call come through on his cruiser’s computer, and he knew there was no way the baby would make it all the way to the hospital, so he told the dispatcher to tell them to pull over. He pulled in behind them and ran to the car. The little baby was totally limp, her parents were sobbing, and Officer Goz said, “I got her. She’s okay.” He gave her several thrusts to the back to make sure her airways opened up, and that’s when Alybree started coughing and crying. Some mucus and milk had become lodged in her throat, which is what caused her to stop breathing to begin with.

They went to the hospital, where she was declared okay and able to go home. And afterward, Officer Goz took the time to train Alex and Stephanie on pediatric first aid and CPR. Since saving the baby’s life, Officer Goz has been nominated to receive his Department’s Lifesaving Award, and he says he’s going to keep in touch with the family and check in on little Alybree as often as he can.

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